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Short Bio


For more than 30 years, Eric Young has been writing and performing songs in many different venues, from busking to the concert stage. Eric's first break came when he was commissioned to write four songs for a video documentary on the Halifax explosion, titled "Thunder in the Sky." This documentary was featured at the Atlantic film Festival in 1993. Eric then wrote and Co-wrote a 10 song recording independently released in the spring of 1994 under the band name "Why For." This recording is entitled "Socially Correct" and has received some radio airplay.

Some of Eric's performances have included, ASN’s Breakfast Television, MITV’s Maritimes Today, and local cable stations. Other performances have included coffee houses, outdoor events, and benefit concerts.

By the end of the 90s Eric was facing financial constraints and was employed as a long-haul truck driver. The business of truck driving left little time for music. In the fall of 2004, Eric's truck was met head on by another truck near Montréal Québec. In the resulting collision, Eric lost his wife Judy and was left with a permanent injury. While in the hospital Eric started playing music again as part of his recovery. In 2007 he released a self written and self produced CD entitled "The Fruit Of the Doom." Eric, under a new stage name, "A Total Stranger," continues to write and has just released his third recording, "Going Through the Motons."  This new CD was produced by Dennis Field, at Denmark Studios in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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